05th & 06th November 2024 – Safety Awareness + Drain & Sewer Cleaning in Reading

£530.00 + VAT


Robojet Ltd, 49 Gosbrook Road, Caversham, Reading, RG4 8BT.


A number of training courses are available, starting with the Safety Awareness Certificate. The Safety Awareness course is essential as it “Validates” the other courses. The certificate lasts for three (3) years. After three years, another Safety Awareness course must be taken and passed in order to re-validate other course certificates. If your Safety Awareness certificate goes out of date, for any reason, your other certificates immediately become invalid, which means useless! A valid Safety Awareness certificate is required to keep all certificates validated.

The Safety Awareness Certificate is the first course to be passed, then there are Surface Preparation, Drain Cleaning, Water Cutting and Tube Cleaning.

The Surface Cleaning and Preparation course is designed to offer the trainee both classroom based theoretical tuition together with practical instruction in the safe & efficient use of high pressure water jetting equipment & accessories for various surface cleaning applications. A 20 question questionnaire is included which must be successfully completed by the trainee.