“I’ve been in the business for 20 years and I know what I’m doing.”

footWell that’s good innit! So how are you going to prove that you and your operators know what they’re doing BEFORE they do it? How about presenting valid WJA Training Certificates? Not got them? We can help! Certification will confirm that your operators knowledge is accurate and valid. Your clients will be re-assured that you are not cowboys, your insurance company will be happier, the HSE will see that you take your legal responsibilities seriously.

Accidents are all too frequent in industry, water jetting accidents can result in severe injuries to the operator and anyone within the vicinity. Getting your staff trained demonstrates a commitment not only to complying with the Health & Safety legislation but also to your staff, sending them a message that they are valued.

By putting your staff on relevant training courses they will gain information that will help to avoid accidents. Accidents can be devastating for both injured person & their family and for the company. They are time consuming in stopping the work & filling out the required HSE reports, stressfull in worrying about the injured person and the possible prosecution & the resulting penalties (Unlimited Fine, Criminal Record, Prison).

Without an adequately trained workforce, your ISO 9000 accredited client company would have to note and minute the reasons why a special case is needed to employ the services of your non-certificated company over another company that operates with fully trained staff. It makes things very difficult for them, and, likely as not, your client will not be your client for very long.

For everybody’s safety, get staff qualified.